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Returns Policy


What is our return policy?

As we would like to exceed your expectations, we are happy to accept the return of any of our garments however, we need to comply with our return policy in order to offer you the fastest and most convenient service for your return.

Please note we do not do "exchanges", all garments will need to be returned, as per the policy below, for a store credit and a new order will need to be placed for any replacement items. Failing to follow our return policy will result in an unpleasant and inconvenient result for all involved, please take note of these few key guidelines.

  1. The customer must contact GAVMANAK in writing (email accepted) within 7 days of receiving their order and provide their reason for the return and request a return authority (RA) number.
  2. GAVMANAK will then issue the customer with a unique RA which must be clearly labelled on the outside of the returned goods parcel, and must be accompanied with a copy of the relevant delivery document.
  3. Returns are only accepted if they need to be changed due to size or colour, not style, as we only sell new garments, we do not accept returns if you change your mind, found it cheaper somewhere else, decided you did not like the purchase or have no use for it. This is legal as per consumer law and is on the ACCC website. We do not do "exchanges", all garments will need to be returned, as per our store policy, for a store credit and a new order will need to be placed for any replacement items.
  4. The Customer shall be responsible for all charges and costs incurred in returning of goods, including postage, handling & restocking fees.
  5. A 15% or a minimum of $25.00 restock fee will be charged on any credit for the return of goods.
  6. All goods must be returned to the correct warehouse with the correct paperwork within 7-10 days of the receiving the RA.
  7. It normally takes about 2-4 weeks for a credit coupon to be issued for the return of stock. This coupon will be emailed to you to use on future orders and will be valid for 1 year from date of issue.
  8. Goods can't be returned for a cash refund.
  9. Embroidered items return policy - At your instruction or order, we will ship your order directly to our embroiderer (or the decorator of your choice), however please note we cannot refund or exchange garments once delivered to the embroiderer and decorated. This includes human error when picking the items at the warehouse (we take every measure to ensure this is done as accurately as possible but human error can still occur). Our decorators do not have time to check each garment. GAVMANAK reserves the right to refund any embroidery costs only associated with any garment marking - all stock sent to our embroiders are non-refundable once embroidered. All shortages or if any embroidery is not up to quality, are required to be submitted in writing within 24hr of receipt and GAVMANAK reserves the right to either replace or refund those items only. Garments damaged by embroideries on thin materials in which the client has instructed that these items to be embroidered (as some needle damage can occur on rare occasions - especially large or heavily stitched embroideries, or unsuitable materials), will not be refunded or replaced. All freight costs associated with returns are at the client’s expense. If these conditions do not meet with your requirements we suggest you use an embroider in close proximity to your location and ask us to provide the stock only.