120L Hydrocarbon (Fuel & Oil) Spill Kits


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Oil & Fuel Spill Kit – Spill Kit for Workshop

Suitable for fuel, oil, petroleum, cooking oil and other messy liquid spills.
Ideal for small to medium industrial workshops.
Contains: EcoSweep; Socks (Booms) for perimeter containment

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Suitable for all fuel and oil spills, Ecospill Hydrocarbon Spill Kits contain: Land Socks for perimeter containment; Absorbent Mats; and EcoSweep – a fibrous absorbent that is Bio-Active and will remediate to Land Fill. Including suitable Personal Protective Equipment, each Ecospill Kit is clearly labeled and contains spill clean up instructions.

The main Absorbent Powder is EcoSweep Premium Bioactive Absorbent. EcoSweep is manufactured from a special selection of Australian grown organic cellulose products. These natural fibrous materials are blended and processed to produce a range of absorbents that quickly absorb many liquids, including petroleum, oils, fuels, solvents, cooking oils, sewage, protein fluids and other messy liquids that could pollute or contaminate the work area. EcoSweep is unique in that its fine granules are hollow – which means that they rapidly encapsulate the liquids so they cannot leach back into the environment. Known as the ‘wicking effect’ – once liquids are absorbed, they are consumed into the capsules and cannot separate or drip.

EcoSweep is inoculated with bioactive microbes for the bioremediation of hydrocarbons – that literally ‘eat and digest’ oils so that the spent product is converted into a soil conditioner within a period of time. Therefore many regions allow EcoSweep to be disposed of to landfill – but this should always be checked according to each region’s local regulations.


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